About Us

My Biophilic Space is a design studio that offers new design approaches to enhance the bond between people and nature through the integration of natural elements into our living spaces, improving people’s wellness and happiness. We offer a holistic design service that works with people to understand the individual’s unique cultural connection to nature so that we can provide design solutions that improves their wellness, health and happiness. What sets us apart is our ability to not only design for people’s environments but also the environments plants live in. We have in-house nature-centric design gurus who understand the unique relationships between people and nature. We value this mutualism and are committed to providing sustainable, non-toxic local products.

Our Vision

Improving quality of life through the integration of natural elements into our living spaces is our central focus. We believe we can help influence the way people consider nature and natural elements in the living space. Together we can push the boundaries of biophilic design and offer healthier design solutions for people and the planet.

Biophilic Interior Design

We have an integrated biophilic design team including interior designers, horticultural engineers, scientists and project managers that work with you to bring nature back into your living, work and social spaces so that everyone can enjoy the benefits natural elements bring to our lives.
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Living Home

Your home is a place that should feel like a sanctuary, a space that rejuvenates your spirit, lets you reconnect with nature, a source of energy and a safe haven from whatever is going on in the outside world.

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Social Spaces

The social environment is really the space we choose to spend time in whether it be to meet-up with friends and family or to observe the interactions around us. Social spaces can be aspirational and are often an extension of ourselves, our interests and tastes. Through biophilic design, we strive to blur the lines between indoor and outdoor environments so that even when you’re out, you’re out!

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Living Office

The office is a space where we spend a great majority of our time, ideally, it should be a space that motivates you to be your best and offer you all the resources you need to perform. The inclusion of natural biophilic design elements in an office has a direct link to improving employee wellbeing, happiness and creativity.

Biophilic Design Project Consultation

Our integrated design team also consults on projects with designers & end customers in order to specify products that will assist you achieving an environment that benefits its occupants.
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We will work with you to specify furniture and finishes in your designs to ensure that the fit-out of your project is as green as it could be.

Interested in Our Biophilic Design Work?