The Biophilic Design Team

Our integrated design team, including interior designers, horticultural engineers,
scientists and project managers work together with you to create a biophilic environment that delights the senses.

biophilic designer

Horticulture Guru

Jason grew up in gardens. From his family garden and seasons spent harvesting grapes in the Okanagan, to working with some of Vancouver’s premier landscapers, his adventures and experiences have led him to My Biophilic Space. For Jason, plants teach us so much about what is good about life. Taking time to notice nature’s patterns and relationships is what inspires his designs and motivates him to bring the natural world closer to the My Biophilic Space community. His favourite part of being a project designer is getting to know his clients and helping them create healthy spaces that are inspiring, innovative, and personal.

biophilic designer

Integrated sustainable designer

Joanne supports the team in both project management and consultation. An environmental scientist and integrated sustainable designer by trade, Joanne understands the fundamentals of how to use biophilic design elements to bridge the gap between our natural and built world. Working alongside various architects and designers, her past projects include the inception of liveable communities that not only nourished human health but also environmental sustainability.

biophilic designer

Interior Designer

Katie is an interior designer and has extensive experience in creating human-centred, healthy environments that bring people together, creating communities. Her approach to interior design embodies ethical, environmental and emotional perspectives. As interactions between one another are becoming more digital, she believes there is a greater need to create healthy spaces that enable people to interact, meet and reconnect with one another and Earth. She is passionate about designing spaces that enhance the natural bond between people, nature and other natural elements.

Our Biophilic Designers are looking forward to collaborating with you on future projects and bringing you more nature-centric experiences with My Biophilic Space!